Device, Lab & Library Bookings

Image result for booking calendarThe booking calendars below are for use by Torquay staff and are only accessible when using an sd61learn login username and password. Use of  a logged in Chrome web browser is the most convenient method for using these calendars.

Note that when devices and rooms are booked they disappear from the booking calendar and will show up in the appropriate staff member’s Google Calendar. If you do not need the device, lab or library you can cancel your booking in your own Google Calendar and the device and room will appear again in the main booking calendar.

Chromebook Bookings

Booking calendar for three sets of Chromebooks:

Cart 1 Acer Chromebooks, 2nd Floor 15 Chromebooks
Cart 2 Lenovo Chrombooks, 2nd Floor 15 Chromebooks
Cart 3 HP Chromebooks, Library 21 Chromebooks

Torquay Space Bookings

Available times for booking the Library Learning Commons and Multipurpose Room.

Computer Lab iPad Bookings

Class Set of 25 (Sets 6-10 w/red labels)
6 Pack (Set 11 w/blue labels)

Library iPad Mini Bookings

All sets located in library
Set 1 13 ipad minis with multicoloured cases
Set 2 12 ipad minis with blue and purple gel cases
Set 3 6 ipad minis with green gel cases